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How to promote your hip hop mixtapes online 


When using youtube to promote your mixtape the thing with youtube is that 90% of the people who look through are looking to find content thats all ready out. So you will have to blend into the mould of current songs by either free styles to popular tracks or remixes.Place your mixtape download link under videos.Plus use the youtube tags to your video what ever is current at the moment  and that is related to the conent of your mixtape. If you got a freestyle with one of kanyes new tracks put kanye west in the tags.

Get a Online Hip Hop Producer to remix a current song and you create your own verses and hook to the song.Like that fransico did with timbalands like you the way you are Beats. This will also help you evade the youtube copywrite and your video might not be pulled.People on youtube like to watch things so create some low budget videos to your original songs.Your personality can really shine through here get some of your friends to do a interview of how you got into music or find other channel to interview you about your new mixtape.

The youtube commuinity is all about working together so get at some singers to do the hooks on your songs or your friends to do a verse. Set up little competitions for the best verse on your song for a small prize this will have hundreds of people promoting your mixtape.Talk to everyone who responds to mixtapes video songs and get them to sub your channel.Talk to you fans regularly respond to question update them on what your doing where your playing how the gigs are going.Place you videos as a response, under the vevo channels of the artist that you like and have similar style to you this will get you a couple of hundred views a day depending how many time you up date them to current videos.

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