How Rapper’s Make Money From Mixtapes

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Make money from mixtape

How rappers make money from a mixtape

There are plenty of ways that you can come up with how to make money from mixtapes. Most mixtapes are for free online in order to promote the artist. this will give them exposure and catapult them in the lime light of stardom.

It’s not easy to-day to make money with music as an independent artist so only the smart artist will survive. Many people make a years salary on the internet selling the music you just have to be clever about your plan of action and come up with great ways for making on with your mixtape.

Here are some of the ways that most artist’s make money from mixtapes.

Touring, merchandise sponsorship, endorsements , Music licensing , website advertisement like Adsense these are simple ways of to make money from mixtapes. Artist’s Like Drake and kid Cudi and many more went this route when they started off and used the money to promote themselves continue reading How Rappers Make Money Form Mixtapes


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