Why Rappers Need Websites

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Rap websites

Rap websites

Why Rappers Need Websites

If you truly want to be a successful artist it is an absolute must that you have your own website today in 2012.
Website Design costs and management have drop to and all time low and this gives you no excuse of why you don’t have a website yet. I’m shocked to see still today that most rap artist will send their fans to some one else’s website and hope that they will download or buy their music.

Every Rapper who hope to make it big today should have their own website. Why rappers need websites you say ? Its your brand its you identity it who your are online. Its the vocal point for all your fans to communicate with you. Having a website where your fans a can sign to your mailing list and be apart of your succes. I have out lined steps here in this blog post of how to get your own website =>> Why Rap Artist’s Need Websites


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