Promoting Your Mixtape On Other Websites

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Social Networks Sites

Social Networks Sites

Promoting Your Mixtape On Other Websites

Just an extract here from a blog post on my website where I discus other websites to promote your mixtape. Just letting everyone know that there is more websites out there that will help you than Facebook and twitter. Facebook and twitter are great, but people devote all their time promoting their mixtapes on these two sites. When they should be spreading their attention across the internet.

Sites like squidoo/hubpages ,digg ,stumbleupon , tumblr , pinterest  and google plus are sites will seriously help you promote your mixtape online. I know it is hard to get off Facebook and twitter but you need to get a better online presence.The more sites your on the more place your music will be found. Using these other sites to promote your mixtape will allow people to follow you from each source. Most of these site have their own follower and people who can follow you. Its better to a hundred follower on each of these rather than just a thousand people on twitter. Continue reading this information on the benefits  on my website => Promoting Your Mixtape On Other Websites


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