Why Rapper’s Should Buy Beat Tapes

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Why Rapper’s Should Buy Beat Tapes

Beat Tapes are coming back with a bang . I noticed that in the last 2 years all over the web and various beat selling websites that hip hop producers are posting up beat tapes. This is great news for rap artist’s as beats tapes may contain 6 to 12 beats by music producer and contain some of their best beats.

The reason I think rap artist should buy beat tapes is that , a beat tape may contain a nice selection of beats and at only the price of 1 or 2 leases of individual beats. This is like buying one or two leases and getting other beats for free.               beat tapes

Majority of beat tapes I have seen online have come with lease rights for the rap artist. If your buying beat tapes online try a make sure you have the lease right and they aren’t tagged. Buy Beat Tapes is perfect for a artist with budget continue reading here => Why Rapper’s Should Buy Beat Tapes


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