Mixtape Promotion : Using Empire Avenue

Mixtape Promotion : Using Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue

I have been working hard on Empire Avenue for the past three months. Its social networking content sharing website. Its a great platform to start promoting your mixtapes. Empire Avenue will help link all your social networks together and help others syndicate your music across all their social network sites.

Mixtape Promotion can be quite daunting when you start out . Where do you start ? With numerous social network sites it’s hard to place your time across all of them evenly. Empire Avenue can help you ! It’s can be seen by others that when you over use your own social network sites to tell the world about your mixtape over and over again and eventually it’s considered spam . This may land you on deaf ears. Most people will be afraid to leave the comfort of Facebook or Twitter and not risk there time and effort on many other social networks.

This will leave your brand less likely to succeed and never reach the type of audience you wish to achieve. I have highlighted ways in which you can use Empire Avenue For mixtape promotion online Read the post here => Mixtape Promotion : Using Empire Avenue


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