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upload mixtapes

upload mixtapes

Trying to find mixtape sites to Upload mixtapes too can be hard luck for you I found ten more mixtapes sites that you can submit your music too. I understand that this can be an   awful tedious task . Why not try and find someone on to help you. Build a street team . Find a bunch of people who can do these tedious task for cheap. You only have 24 hours in a  day you can’t do everything .

When upload mixtapes to as many mixtapes sites it can increase you exposure all over the world. Most of these mixtapes sites are run by Dj’s or by people who are connected to host Dj’s. This is free promotion and you should take advantage of it as soon as possible. Try and connect with the webmaster too and see if you can contribute to the person who owns the website like doing album reviews is a great way of getting them to shine their light over you. These bloggers and mixtapes sites to me are like the new A&R’s of this time. Most labels take notice of people on sites like datpiff and other mixtapes sites. Get you self known today by check out all these => Upload Mixtape Sites


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