Promote A Mixtape Using These 4 Apps

4 Apps to help promote your mixtapes online

Promote A Mixtape

Promote A Mixtape Using Theses Apps

Do ever feel like you just don’t know where to start when your thinking of how to release a mixtape online  ?    Even with all great social media accounts we have , we become lost in our plan on how to promote our music . This leaves us wasting so much time and lacking the mixtape downloads and new fans we set out to achieve.

Our ever-growing social media networks see to daunt us of late as its seems like that we can’t seem to be everywhere at one time. When we want to promote a mixtape online we tend to over use one social medium and leave us lacking in the others. Also we become so dependant on that from of social media that we burn out the people who were listening to us in the first place. I have taken aside 4 applications that I have used and feel like they will help you promote your mixtapes online.

The apps that I discuss in detail are Hootsuite , Bufferapp , Tubetool Box , Twitterfeed. I use these apps to help push my music and content out there on the web. These content management systems help content your social media and send syndicate my messages to all my followers online. Your ultimate goal is to get people to download your music and the easier you make creating the message you want to get out for your self, the easier it is for every one to find your message. If you feel like you need to some information on these social media app’s click here to read the article =>> Promote A Mixtape Using These 4 Apps


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