Recording Rap Vocals

How Record Rap Vocals

recording rap vocals

recording rap vocals

New article on my site on the best practices for recording rap vocals. The recording of the rap vocal is one of the most important parts the recording process. Rap artist’s are only as strong as their lyrics. If their vocal isn’t clear and sounds good to the ears of the listener , it will kill any message that the artist is trying to deliver. The best way to get the best possible recording is to test different recording practices. There is no point hoping that in a later stage that the sound engineer will fix your lazy recording.

Sound Engineers are only able to work with good clear professional rap vocal recordings. They are not magicians. You need to have your wits about you when you are recording the vocal. Check the microphone position and create many takes so that you can cut the vocals out of different recordings to make the best possible song. It all comes down to having a good pop shield and a good condenser microphone. Trying different microphones will help you when you are learning how to record rap vocals. I discus about the Akg Perception 220 in the article on my site and other rap vocal recording practices. —–>>>>>  how to record rap vocals


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