Microphones for recording rap vocals

What type of microphone should you use for recording or playing.

rap microphones

rap microphones

Check out the new article on The Coporatethief Beats Website on great microphones that you can use for recording rap vocals . These microphones are really popular and many people used them for recording vocals or playing live. Recording the vocals is on of the most important aspects when you create you song . By having a great microphone you will have a clean vocal that will help you deliver your message to your fans.

Sure SM58 and the Sure SM 57 are used in the music industry for recording both vocals and instruments. They don’t cost a whole lost and but the durability of these microphone is amazing and they don’t break easily. If you are just starting out with the recording process I would recommend that you try these microphone. They won’t hurt your pocket and with good microphone practices for recording you should be able to get great quality for your vocals. It’s always best to test out different microphones for recording to get the best possible sound for your song. So don’t just have one take a say your done. Find many takes using different microphones and see which is the best for you and your song.  ->>>> microphones that you can use for recording rap vocals



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