Check Out the top mixtapes of 2012

top mixtapes 2012

top mixtapes 2012

I saw post of datpiff the other day on the top mixtapes of 2012. I felt that this would be a great food for thought with my subscribers and article readers. It’s just a great way to get people talking and  I feel that many people will have great things to say about their views of the top mixtapes of 2012. I also recorded a video what I have said in the article. As I said in the last post I getting myself out there a little more really showing people who I am and what I am about. So the video of me speaking on a topic like this will engage with me more and get use to viewing me online and hopefully in turn check out my music on my site in the process. I have strong views both positive and negative on datpiff’s top mixtapes of 2012. Some mixtapes are epic and deserve the credit they have achieved. Others on the other hand either need to removed or reshuffled. I go through my favorite ones and why. And my least favorite and why ? Just to give a good honest view of the mixtapes that came out last year. Feel free to read the article and watch the video here Check Out the top mixtapes of 2012


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