How To Buy Instrumentals On Your Phone

buy instrumentals on mobile device

buy instrumentals on mobile device

New Article now on the site guys of me showing you how to buy instrumentals on your mobile phone. I recently purchase the domain name a mobile version of my website. As my flash store came out recently with the new html 5 player gave me the ability to set up a mobile website. It’s not a complete website with all my information it’s just a basic mobile site that has the html 5 beat player on it with more ease of scrolling and it fits perfectly on the your mobile device. I saw that there were a lot of people coming to my main website from mobile phones. But my main site is not fit for mobile devices. So I need to find solution fast. Thanks to the new html5 player this problem is now fixed and mobile user will have a better experience when the purchase beats on their mobile phones. It still has all the functions of the flash players had. The my flash  store players no longer can be viewed by the Iphone or any IOS device so this why we need the html5 player so the any artist that came to my website still the ability to Buy Instrumentals from the mobile device.


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