New Trap Instrumental Beats

Trap Instrumentals

Trap Instrumental

New Post on the website of new trap instrumentals that I created. I love the sound of the sub 808 in trap beats. Even though a lot of these types of beats tend to be very repetitive I still enjoy making them. Trap Instrumentals are more popular now more than ever. The 2 new trap beats that I created are called “Greed Is Good” and “The Pusher”. Both beats are at the 140 bpm for the tempo. I make most trap instrumental beats at this tempo as it is easier for me to do those snare rolls and fast kick hits. Most of the instruments are synth based and have short repetitive melody loop and back it up with the 808 kick as the bass backing of the track . A lot of industry artists are using these type of beats in their mixtapes. People like 2 Chainz , Rick Ross and Wakka Flocka all use these type of beats . Rap artists tend to like the grove and bounce that is given from these type of beats. They tend to get a great build up of hype from these type of beats. Using busy snares and high hats create and high energy with in the beat. This gives the rapper excitement and pushes them to flow harder with the beat. If you want to check out these new beats click here Trap Instrumental   




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