What Are You Doing For Mixtape Promotion

Mixtape Promotion

Mixtape Promotion

Article that I have written on questioning your mixtape promotion . You need to ask yourself what are you doing to promote you music online. I have a video of me here also speaking on the ways you need to start promoting your mixtapes online. I see numerous of people on forums complaining about not getting where they need to be. Instead they should save this energy for development of ideas and plans of how to promote your music online. Simply stating in forums that nobody is downloading your music is not going to get you any where. Ask yourself have I made videos ? Do I have blog or a website ? What connections have I made with the people who have downloaded my mixtape already? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself. Many artist tend to just jump back into recording again and never promote the first mixtape that they made. You need to build a foundation of fans in the first place. So that you have fans to keep coming back for more music every time you make new music. I strongly suggest that you read the article and watch the video here on mixtape promotion on my website it will really help start to think of ways to get fans and keep fans downloading your mixtapes.


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