Adding Aweber To Your Facebook Fan Page

Add aweber to your facebook fan page

Add aweber to your facebook fan page

Hay guys I  just added a great new tutorial article on my website about how you can add the Aweber mailing list form to your Facebook fan page. This will give you the ability to get new fans to sign up to your newsletter that either send out weekly or monthly. I already spoke about the importance of having and email opt in form on your website so you should check out that article here. How To Promote Your Music With Aweber Email Marketing 

The newsletter is very powerful tool in your music marketing online. It’s a bridge that keeps you in touch with fans. I use Awebers opt in form as I find the service is brilliant. But in this new article I show you in detail how to add Aweber to Facebook fan page. It is like a tutorial with a video and picture of the step by step process. Having this form will get people to join your list by opting in without leaving Facebook. People now days are so tied in to Facebook it can be very hard to drag them from Facebook to your site. So having place where they can opt in and still remain on the social network site gives this great way of gaining new fans . If you want to learn this easy step by step process Click here for more information :  How To Add Aweber To Your Facebook Fan Page 


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