I Just Love Making Pop Instrumentals

Pop Instrumentals

Pop Instrumentals

I got a great new article on the site just got done typing it up. I just put together a post on why I love making pop instrumentals. These are some of my favorite beats to make . Most of the producers that I learn from and admire are pop music producers . Im not sure whats the deal with why I love making these pop instrumentals but I feel that it might come down too that feeling I get like I can hear a great artist on it. I go in to detail on the way I construct my music.

The breakdown from making the beat to the mixing the beat. I always feel that the structure in my pop instrumentals it key to making a good catchy beat that people want to hear , that it has the radio ready feel also it has that spacey for the to sing on. I never go over kill on that instruments used expect on the melodies . But these can always be removed if the artist prefers to sing the melody. I put my own melodies and counter melodies there just as an Idea or a guide for the artist to hear my vision for the beat and what I would sing If I were writing lyrics over these pop Instrumentals. If you want to read how I make my beats click here Pop Instrumentals 


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