How to create a mixtape ?


make a mixtape

make a mixtape

If you are working on a new mixtape you might want to check out my new article on things you should do before you start a mixtape. One major aspect of a mixtape is the plan. Most artist’s that have great mixtapes but little success is due to the fact that they never planned their mixtape in the first place.

Having a mixtape marketing action plan is essential to the success of the launch of the mixtape. The plan should include the mixtape cover art and they quality of that mixtape cover art.

Most people purchase their music based on the quality of the art that is included. So don’t take this step the as the least important. There must be a stage in your career that you can’t cheapen out on everything. Shop around for a good mixtape artist and take a look at the list on the website that I have prepared some research for you.

Also you must buy rap beats with the best quality should that suit your style. The rap beat is the back bone of the song.

Having great rap beats will make life much easier for you to have a more success as you have sourced some one else talent to help promote your message in your song. With the benefit of the beat lease market it has never been easier to get high quality rap instrumentals.

Having a budget for all your resources and marketing is vital to your success. Most people don’t make a marketing budget and end up over paying for some resources in areas that I have discussed in the article. Plan it out and shop around for the best promotion you can get. For a full low down on these points read the complete article and watch the power point presentation that is on my website here

->>> How To Make A Mixtape


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