Rap Artist’s Still Love Sample Beats

sample beat

sample hip hop beats article

Just looking at the statistics on my website and and many other beat websites I have seen that sample beats are still the most dominant genre with rap artist’s. Most of the artist’s that come to buy rap beats from my website tend to favour a sample beat.

More often than not rappers like to buy rap beats with hooks as they have two important area’s of the song complete with both with the rap instrumental and the chorus. This leaves them to focus on their main area of the song which is the verse.

Sample beats are the back bone of hip hop music. Hip hop was create from the blending and chopping of many genres of music such as soul , fuck , pop and rock beats piecing them altogether to make a new form of music.

There is much to debate on the topic of sample rap beats , both on the fair use of music and legality issues. But watching the video documentary on youtube “Everything Is A Remix” really opens the flood gates for discussion on the topic and opens up our minds on what we call a sample and what we call a remix. I have great article on my site all about me speaking on the popularity of sample beats on my website feel free to check it out here : -> Sample Beats 


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