Good Hard Drive For Mac

good hard drive for mac

good hard drive for mac

I recently bought a new hard drive to back up all my beats and all the drums and samples that use to make my beats on-line . I looked on-line for a good hard drive for mac and I came across he Seagate back up plus external hard drive.

This hard drive is easy of use and ties in with time machine on the mac to back up all your files. It can be a bit tricky at the start to convert it over for mac formatting so make sure to take a look at the article on my website where the relevant links are for this tutorial.

The time machine functionality might be only for those how want to back up their mac with out even thinking about it and have a constant back up every couple of days or hours.

I prefer to only back up the files that I actually need, like music and tracked out files for all the beats I have made.  The Seagate back up plus also has the ability for you to protect all of your social media photos. But for some one like a photographer or some one that would create a lots of content that has a monetary value like backing up your website this hard drive is perfect for the mac.

Check out the video review and my Seagate back up plus review here 


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