Soundclick Beats Are Still On Top With Rappers

soundclick beats

Soundclick Beats

It’s amazing that soundclick beats are still on top with rappers on-line for mixtapes. has been hijacked by rap music producers a long time ago and rappers still flock to this website to buy rap beats for there mixtape or albums.

The most popular soundclick beats on the website would be that of r&b beats and dirty south beats (trap beats). These type of tracks tend to purchased a lot by music artist who aren’t looking for complete originality but more in to looking for that commercial radio ready hit.

Alot of the beats for sale here tend to radio friend music and most of the rappers that come here to buy music want to purchase beats that sound very similar to the tracks that you will hear on the radio. Rappers follow major industry artist like that of Wiz Khalifa and Drake and look for producers here on Soundclick that produce music with a similar style and sound to the major industry artist’s.

If your looking for that original sounding hip hop beats soundclick isn’t the best place for you. You might want to just google type of beats you like a find a producers official website. This is where they upload beats that aren’t as radio friendly as others. Soundclick beats are still so popular with rappers and they advertisement space has sky rocketed and impossible to get on their at the moment as all the soundclick promo songs of the day are taken.

Read more about Soundclick Beats and my video review here


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