How to get featured on rap blogs

Read more here : How to get featured on rap blogs

This the latest blog post that I have added to The Corporatethief Beats blog. Here I show you how I have created my template for pitching your music to these hip hop blogs.

Most rap blogs have gate keepers and it can be very difficult to get passed the get keepers to get your music featured on these websites. These gate keepers can be bloggers hired by the website owner or it could be the main website owner himself.

Most musicians bombard the blogger with links to their social websites blinding the blogger’s image of how professional you are.

They will just assume you are a spammer and they won’t connect with you.

Here is one of my email templates that just questions the blogger with out adding any link to my music. I want the blogger to ask for the link.

Example email to hip hop blogs:



From dan@thecorporatethief beats


Subject: Hay [ Bloggers Name ] How do I submit music to your blog.


Email content:  


Hey John @


My name is Dan Hartnett, I am a beat maker from Ireland.

I noticed that your blog features music from independent rap artists. I was wondering what is the right way to submit music to your blog?


Thanks from Dan Aka The Corporate Thief Beats.

Once you get them interested and the can see your professionalism they will strike and interest and come to understand that you have been around the block for a while.

Read more here : How to get featured on rap blogs


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