Soundclick Beats Are Still On Top With Rappers

soundclick beats

Soundclick Beats

It’s amazing that soundclick beats are still on top with rappers on-line for mixtapes. has been hijacked by rap music producers a long time ago and rappers still flock to this website to buy rap beats for there mixtape or albums.

The most popular soundclick beats on the website would be that of r&b beats and dirty south beats (trap beats). These type of tracks tend to purchased a lot by music artist who aren’t looking for complete originality but more in to looking for that commercial radio ready hit.

Alot of the beats for sale here tend to radio friend music and most of the rappers that come here to buy music want to purchase beats that sound very similar to the tracks that you will hear on the radio. Rappers follow major industry artist like that of Wiz Khalifa and Drake and look for producers here on Soundclick that produce music with a similar style and sound to the major industry artist’s.

If your looking for that original sounding hip hop beats soundclick isn’t the best place for you. You might want to just google type of beats you like a find a producers official website. This is where they upload beats that aren’t as radio friendly as others. Soundclick beats are still so popular with rappers and they advertisement space has sky rocketed and impossible to get on their at the moment as all the soundclick promo songs of the day are taken.

Read more about Soundclick Beats and my video review here

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Good Hard Drive For Mac

good hard drive for mac

good hard drive for mac

I recently bought a new hard drive to back up all my beats and all the drums and samples that use to make my beats on-line . I looked on-line for a good hard drive for mac and I came across he Seagate back up plus external hard drive.

This hard drive is easy of use and ties in with time machine on the mac to back up all your files. It can be a bit tricky at the start to convert it over for mac formatting so make sure to take a look at the article on my website where the relevant links are for this tutorial.

The time machine functionality might be only for those how want to back up their mac with out even thinking about it and have a constant back up every couple of days or hours.

I prefer to only back up the files that I actually need, like music and tracked out files for all the beats I have made.  The Seagate back up plus also has the ability for you to protect all of your social media photos. But for some one like a photographer or some one that would create a lots of content that has a monetary value like backing up your website this hard drive is perfect for the mac.

Check out the video review and my Seagate back up plus review here 

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Tweet Adder Review


Does tweet adder work ? I get this question alot from online followers


tweet adder review

tweet adder review

Recently I have been ask by some of my social media followers and my email subscribers what software do I use for marketing on tweet adder. I use tweet adder twitter marketing software to help me with my marketing on twitter. But recently I noticed that tweet adder rolled out a new update 4.0 that removed some of the automatic features such that of automatic following.



You still use the Twitter marketing software in a more white way now with out getting your twitter account banned. It is now more an official twitter marketing tool. I had only used the soft ware to help find targeted people to follow on twitter that was my main goal from the soft ware. I spoke on the video tutorial about try to use it to help you rather than spamming people on twitter.



The best thing about the update to tweet adder 4.0 is that it now not frowned upon and you won’t get your twitter account to banned. Tweet adder 4.0 now complies with the terms of service provided by twitter and now a legit twitter marketing tool to have in your arsenal.

Read the full article and watch the NEW video reivew here ->> Does Tweet Adder Work



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How to create a mixtape ?


make a mixtape

make a mixtape

If you are working on a new mixtape you might want to check out my new article on things you should do before you start a mixtape. One major aspect of a mixtape is the plan. Most artist’s that have great mixtapes but little success is due to the fact that they never planned their mixtape in the first place.

Having a mixtape marketing action plan is essential to the success of the launch of the mixtape. The plan should include the mixtape cover art and they quality of that mixtape cover art.

Most people purchase their music based on the quality of the art that is included. So don’t take this step the as the least important. There must be a stage in your career that you can’t cheapen out on everything. Shop around for a good mixtape artist and take a look at the list on the website that I have prepared some research for you.

Also you must buy rap beats with the best quality should that suit your style. The rap beat is the back bone of the song.

Having great rap beats will make life much easier for you to have a more success as you have sourced some one else talent to help promote your message in your song. With the benefit of the beat lease market it has never been easier to get high quality rap instrumentals.

Having a budget for all your resources and marketing is vital to your success. Most people don’t make a marketing budget and end up over paying for some resources in areas that I have discussed in the article. Plan it out and shop around for the best promotion you can get. For a full low down on these points read the complete article and watch the power point presentation that is on my website here

->>> How To Make A Mixtape

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Rap Artist’s Still Love Sample Beats

sample beat

sample hip hop beats article

Just looking at the statistics on my website and and many other beat websites I have seen that sample beats are still the most dominant genre with rap artist’s. Most of the artist’s that come to buy rap beats from my website tend to favour a sample beat.

More often than not rappers like to buy rap beats with hooks as they have two important area’s of the song complete with both with the rap instrumental and the chorus. This leaves them to focus on their main area of the song which is the verse.

Sample beats are the back bone of hip hop music. Hip hop was create from the blending and chopping of many genres of music such as soul , fuck , pop and rock beats piecing them altogether to make a new form of music.

There is much to debate on the topic of sample rap beats , both on the fair use of music and legality issues. But watching the video documentary on youtube “Everything Is A Remix” really opens the flood gates for discussion on the topic and opens up our minds on what we call a sample and what we call a remix. I have great article on my site all about me speaking on the popularity of sample beats on my website feel free to check it out here : -> Sample Beats 

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I Just Love Making Pop Instrumentals

Pop Instrumentals

Pop Instrumentals

I got a great new article on the site just got done typing it up. I just put together a post on why I love making pop instrumentals. These are some of my favorite beats to make . Most of the producers that I learn from and admire are pop music producers . Im not sure whats the deal with why I love making these pop instrumentals but I feel that it might come down too that feeling I get like I can hear a great artist on it. I go in to detail on the way I construct my music.

The breakdown from making the beat to the mixing the beat. I always feel that the structure in my pop instrumentals it key to making a good catchy beat that people want to hear , that it has the radio ready feel also it has that spacey for the to sing on. I never go over kill on that instruments used expect on the melodies . But these can always be removed if the artist prefers to sing the melody. I put my own melodies and counter melodies there just as an Idea or a guide for the artist to hear my vision for the beat and what I would sing If I were writing lyrics over these pop Instrumentals. If you want to read how I make my beats click here Pop Instrumentals 

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Adding Aweber To Your Facebook Fan Page

Add aweber to your facebook fan page

Add aweber to your facebook fan page

Hay guys I  just added a great new tutorial article on my website about how you can add the Aweber mailing list form to your Facebook fan page. This will give you the ability to get new fans to sign up to your newsletter that either send out weekly or monthly. I already spoke about the importance of having and email opt in form on your website so you should check out that article here. How To Promote Your Music With Aweber Email Marketing 

The newsletter is very powerful tool in your music marketing online. It’s a bridge that keeps you in touch with fans. I use Awebers opt in form as I find the service is brilliant. But in this new article I show you in detail how to add Aweber to Facebook fan page. It is like a tutorial with a video and picture of the step by step process. Having this form will get people to join your list by opting in without leaving Facebook. People now days are so tied in to Facebook it can be very hard to drag them from Facebook to your site. So having place where they can opt in and still remain on the social network site gives this great way of gaining new fans . If you want to learn this easy step by step process Click here for more information :  How To Add Aweber To Your Facebook Fan Page 

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